Despite my continued underemployment, I’ve really enjoyed this fall. The girls are doing some serious absorption, like they are normal human children, which makes me feel like I haven’t screwed up things too much. The weather has been cool and cold and warm. Gray and leafy. And is still as such today, December 1. I don’t believe not having a full-time job, or full-time money is even unfamiliar. I’ve lived most of my life without having extra cash. Just enough to pay bills and keep a living space going. But I am not alone anymore, am I?

Luckily, someone put a contract on the house husband and I were obsessing about but could not afford to get on one income, so that pressure will disappear. I’m not feeling stressed about the impending, inevitable holiday season, because when you don’t have any extra money, you can’t buy anything, so what’s the point of being stressed out? Sorry to spoil it, revelers, but you’re all getting Christmas cookies this year, and you’re gonna like ’em. Or not. But that’s what you’re getting. Not the diamond tiara and matching cha-cha heels you put on your list. Not this year. Not any year.

I am feeling grateful at the moment. And excited about the unknown, which surrounds all of us at all times. The universal unknown. It is truly fantastic not to know what the future holds–an amazing gift. And free!

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