Pizza, strawberries and chips

It is 4:13 a.m. I just deleted the paragraph I had written about how I want out of Facebook, but am still mildly interested but more just annoyed. Wow. That sentence described what I wrote two minutes ago using a whole paragraph. Instant karmic editing.

I was also wondering why I am awake at this ungodly hour of the morning. Some people might look at this as an opportunity to write something real, like a book, or to work on some art. I guess I could do that. But I must be a semi-functioning parent to two almost three year old, highly energetic and cheeky girls tomorrow. So not having a good night’s sleep is bad for all. Luckily my parents are scheduled to appear tomorrow morning, at which time I will disappear to somewhere else and pretend to be childless for a few hours. My patience is boundless when I get a few moments away. Which isn’t too often these days.

What about the girls? I used to write so much about them. Now it’s all about me me me. Boring. But therapeutic.

Mimi: Potty trained? YES! This young lady is so cute. She’s been fairly easygoing of late, which I cherish, because when she’s in a mood, look out. She is constantly “going shopping” to the grocery store, with her little stroller with Zoe in it, to pick up some pizza, strawberries and chips. This is all she purchases at the grocery store. Fine with me! I love all that food. She is a classic younger sibling in many ways. She really fucks with Beenie. Takes things that are blatantly hers, engages the chase. Instantly, Beenie starts to cry huge, thick glycerin tears. Her conversation is clear and plentiful, though I wonder if anyone other than my husband and I can understand her. Probably. She does most of the talking in public situations. Mimi also says things like “I think not”, when asked if she’s peed in her bed overnight. Classy.

Beenie: Potty trained? YES! I love Beenie. She is on my last nerve this past week or so. She WANTS lots of things, and by virtue of her wanting it, fully expects to receive it. Mostly without so much as a please. Though when she really wants something, she starts a sentence with “Oh please oh please mommy”. Fantastic. Beenie is extremely defiant of late. I don’t mind it in theory, but after telling her to step away from something she has no business being near for safety and because I said so multiple times, I feel my blood pressure rise and get pissed. I realize I’ve been raising my voice, or yelling, at her a lot lately. I had to stop myself and tell her how much I love her in case she forgot. I just don’t want her to get hurt and she must listen to me. Oh the complicated relationship we already have. I love her to bits though. She is smart and intuitive and sensitive. She is the running commentary in the back seat of the car, describing all that passes by. While Mimi is enveloped by her purple blanket and sucks her thumb. Should I worry about sucking thumb? I remember getting much comfort from the act. She’ll probably be shamed out of it at some point. Maybe not by me.

Autumn has already cooled off Maryland. We had a fantastic low 70’s day with plenty of sunshine and clouds. I love the fall. Happy September!


  1. Wow. Beenie sounds like Peanut with manners. The narration, the strong want/needs, the intensity. How cool that you have such different personalities to learn, and how draining it must be that you need to shift modes every 2.1 seconds to accommodate having two completely different people who share only a birthdate.

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