Is it Spring Yet?

My head is absolutely pounding. Parents managed to make it up to Bmore this morning, thankgod, and I left the house by myself during the day for the first time in probably two weeks. I believe I started to feel completely insane about a week ago and it took me until last night to realize that I had, in fact, become insane. It is important to step away from ones family. It is important to leave the house. Breathe non-house air. Have your eyes focus on things further than four feet away from you.

Mimi and Beenie have been real troopers considering our sheltered existence of late. It is not them that is driving me nuts, it is my own self. And it is hard to really feel sorry for yourself when you still have one income in your house, good health for the most part, electricity, happy children, a warm place to live, friends and family who love you and are loved by you. Yet still, I manage. Everything is relative.

At least there is still Star Trek. And I’m not talking about any iteration of a new one. I’m talking JamesT, Spock, Scottie, Uhura, Bones, Tsulu, Chekov and alla dems. Primary colors, simple and elegant compositions, freakish story lines. More on this subject soon when I have something to show you. Let’s just say it continues to be a wealth of inspiration to this day. And hopefully it will get me out of my little art rut.


  1. Good Lord, how I can relate to you! Now, my kids are in school during the day but with one car which the hub needs, I have a full blown case of cabin fever, to the max….the feeling is not a good one to have. It’s nice to know that other’s out there get that same sinking feeling and feel bad about it because of course, life could be much much harder; however, there’s something to be said for getting out and doing something…hang in there!

  2. Nichelle Nichols who played Uhuru was not happy with her character after like one season. She told Gene Roddenberry she was leaving the show. He was sad but said ok. She went to a NAACP meeting and one of the organizers said there was someone that wanted to meet her. She agreed. She turned around to find it was Martin Luther King Jr. He told her how much he enjoyed the show. She said she appreciated it but she was going to leave the show. He then replied that she shouldn’t. That is was so important to see a black person and black woman as an equal there in the future. That she didn’t realize what was happening just to have her there. So she told Gene Rodenberry, if it was not too late, she would like to stay on as Uhuru on Star Trek.

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