What if they want to go to art school?

"Kitchen Studios", Baltimore, MD
"Kitchen Studios", Baltimore, MD

Yesterday I brought out the paints. I bought art supplies a year ago, at least. Why, you may ask, has it taken so long to get out the good stuff? It’s not me! I’m a freaking painter for chrissake. It is my hubbo. I think his head would explode if one of them went astray and started painting on the walls he so meticulously renovated. Miraculously that did not happen in our KITCHEN STUDIOS. It was beautiful. I almost wept, but was more just plain ol’ blown away and excited by how GREAT they were, how mature, and what incredible paintings they produced. Far more interesting and free and explorative than anything I’ve produced since I was their age, if ever. But that’s the idea, right? They are improved versions of you. Or in my case, me.

Mimi considers negative space.
Mimi considers negative space.

As for me, and there is usually me, endlessly me, I am still a little bit high from paying someone to watch my children. Two glorious, very expensive hours this morning, from 10 a.m-12 noon. I futzed on the interwebs for an hour and a half of it, listening for any trouble, which there was nary a hint of, then dashed off to pick up my car that just had an oil change this morning and sped toward the post office to ship off a copy of Camera Morte to a dear friend. Once I make some minor adjustments to the cover layout of said CM book, it will be available to purchase online. More details to follow, for any of you brave enough to embrace Camera Morte: Neighborhood Apocalypse TM.

Beenie explores color and texture.
Beenie explores color and texture.

Can you tell I’m on my first business trip of the year? Yup, downstairs on the guest bed… the couch suddenly became unbearable the last time I slept there. Husband has ungodly early meeting at 7a.m. tomorrow and I want no part of that. I need my schlepping sleep to be strong enough to withstand an entire day of hauling my daughters hither and yon… Morning at the weekly playgroup. Home to nap around noon. Then after the nap, around 4:30 we head down to Federal Hill (neighborhood south of the Inner Harbor for those of you familiar with South Baltimore) for a happy happy birthday swaree. Mimi appears to be in love with the birthday boy, Marko, and Beenie loves him too, just not the way Mimi loves him. I love his mama so will hopefully be able to have a good time in the late afternoon with a bunch of toddlers. How could one not have fun with a bunch of toddlers? They love fun. Sometimes so much it hurts. Happy Birthday Marko!!!

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