Unexpected Sunday Morning

Yesterday morning my husband and I woke up to the sad sobs of Beenie. This isn’t so unusual, as I believe she has the occasional nightmare, and this type of crying accompanies it. We went in to see what was up and she was vomiting mucous. Disturbing to say the least. I prepared a backpack of snacks for me and her, diapers, drinks, books. And we waited to see if she had been poisoned or was super sick, waited to make the decision to go to the emergency room. The vomiting eventually stopped (it had only happened about 4-5 times), and she perked up and stopped looking so pale. Her energy improved, especially with all the special attention that was being lavished on her, she ate a huge lunch, drank some Pedialyte, and after her nap you’d never know anything was out of sorts. WEIRD. And freakish.

Her sister, sweet Mimi has had mucousy poops for the past three or four days, accompanied by a very painful diaper rash. I’m wondering if it’s the same medical issue manifesting itself in different ways in different people. Who the hell knows. I’m exhausted. Maybe my pediatrician will get back to me one day for some advice or thoughts on the matter. I will be very pissed if it all turns out to be rotavirus, which they have been vaccinated for, which I wasn’t really 100% on giving them. If that is what it is, they will not have that vaccination again. For that matter, I should probably re-schedule their 18+ month visit, which includes a slew of shots for a time when they are a little stronger and not so vomity and poopy. I could really get into having a beer right now, at an outdoor cafe somewhere, in the warmth, under an umbrella or something. Maybe on a beach, white sand, clear blue water. Something frutier, more tropical would be appropriate for my island paradise where no babies have the shits and nobody throws up. And I get to sleep as long as I want to.

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