The Tyranny of Bjork is Over

It seems like Mimi’s obsession with Bjork’s Debut CD is waning, as all of her obsessions eventually do (even the beloved bunny rabbit, which is chewed on and loved into damp grayness). This morning I was able to play a Velvet Underground record and a Django Reinhardt record without incident. No fits, no meltdowns. Just happy laughs and smiles. At first she did seem a bit panicky but there was no cry. In fact, both Mimi and Beenie were shakin’ it and really enjoying Lou Reeds silly songs. What a nice break from the usual dance party.

I know I write about the weather a lot. Is that bad? I can’t help that the days are driven by few elements, and the weather is a big one. Here’s a list of important factors every day that can make or break the smooth running of our little twins shoppe.

  1. As I just mentioned, the weather.
  2. Poops: has there been at least one per day? Are the poops dry, or are they gooey? Or in between?
  3. What are the ladies’ gums looking like? Who is teething and how miserable are they?
  4. Are the combinations of foods they eat delicious and not the same thing as yesterday? Is anyone getting sick or having a bad reaction to any foods?
  5. Was there a proper nap today?

Those seem like the big ones. Being outside at some point during the day makes things better for everyone. We took a nice long walk this morning. About an hour and fifteen minutes long. The sunshine warmed us all. The fresh air gave us energy. I think I’m qualified to speak for the three of us.

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