Medicate, predicate, baker’s man.

Girls are down for their nap. I gave Beenie a little bit of Benadryl, which I know is kind of a no-no in the ‘don’t give your child anything for sickness’ medical consensus of the moment. Butcha know what? She has had it one time in the past, when she stepped on a bee about a year ago and I didn’t know what kind of allergic or not reaction she would have to the sting, so I pre-emptively gave her some then, just in case. She was fine. Today I decided to give a teenie bit a try to help her through what seems like a springtime cold, aggrivated by seasonal allergies. She has a cough that just won’t quit and I imagine it is due to post-nasal drip. How’s that for reasoning? I thought I’d give eliminating what I imagine to be the allergy part of her misery for a while a try. Medicating small children is tricky, but I am trying to help a sister out. Not sure if it is working. It may actually be backfiring, since they have been in bed for almost an hour now and still I hear voices. Perhaps those voices I hear are just the ones in my head.

Oh the irony. I gave Beenie the allergy medicine and Mimi is the one who climbed out of her crib, lined all the diapers up in a row on the floor and insisted that she is not interested in a nap. I’ve heard the stuff reacts oppositely in some cases, but on the wrong twin? WTF. At least Beenie is getting some snoozes. Still coughing but not as much. Poor beast.

Took the loverly ladies out on a walk this morning to catch some of the sun’s death rays before they get too hot midday. We strolled around the neighborhood twice. Once, then I gave them the option of going home, then again when they said an emphatic “NO!”. They must go crazy cooped up in this house with me, too. The last few weeks, aside from occasional stellar cool spring days here and there, have been dark and soaked in rain and mud. Why rush home? I figured I’d head up to the liquor store…I know, I know, big surprise, right? Easy in, easy out; automatic double doors, a ramp to the store, great coffee, booze, drinks, snacks. A little oasis in the row house havin’, stairs climbin’, narrow door openin’ neighborhood that is Hampden. Figured I’d get some rum. Add to the collection of hard liquor that has strangely started populating our kitchen counter top. Beer and wine are just too ripe for hangovers for both hubbo and I. Even if we only have one beer or one glass of wine. Still, you can’t have too much of the mixed drinks. Maybe one or two of moderate strength, or you are doomed. But a little cocktail is nice without paying dearly the next day. Old age = hard liquor. Who knew?

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