Another one down

pumpkinpieGot notification of yet another arts grant I did not get. This one wasn’t a big one, but a local Baltimore City grant for individual artists. I believe it is the last of the grants I applied for last year. Oh well. Back to the drawing board, as they say. Time to start researching grants to apply to this year that I will be rejected for next year. Must keep up appearances. The New York Photo Festival is coming up next month and I actually think some of the images from Camera Morte could find a happy place in the exhibit. Deadline looms at the end of the month. Should probably focus on that in the next week or so.

Girls picked out dresses to wear to our weekly playgroup this morning. Afterward, we met up with Dada and had lunch in downtown Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, a popular tourist destination, which was busy on a crisp spring afternoon. Sammiches, drinks and a cookie. The ladies went down for a nap without incident and I believe are fixin’ to awaken any moment. One load of laundry has been washed, and another will be started.

As I was looking at a friend’s Facebook profile page, I realized that I’d forgotten about a pumpkin pie I’d baked last night before bedtime, still sitting in the (cold) oven. What a pleasant surprise! AT LEAST THERE IS PIE!


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