Camera Morte


OKAY. I finally got some of the CM short videos off the damned camera. I’ll post one at a time so your mind doesn’t get blown too fast. Actually, they’re pretty mellow so far. The first video I shot refuses to download onto my computer, and that one is kind of intense.



Camera Morte has been in full-effect this past week. Took Beenie and Mimi to the park to run amok and suddenly through my digital ghost camera I was seeing the apocalypse behind nearby row houses. CM was with me as I traveled through some of Baltimore’s alleys, in my house and on the streets. It even kicked in when I was driving around doing errands. Who knew how truly scary the Target parking lot could be?! I managed to snap many images last week, then the camera went back to normal mode. Below are some of the shots. There will be more.





As I mentioned in the regular part of 20Fingers, 20Toes, CM seems to have reverted back to just plain ol’, run of the mill digital camera. I’ve been slowly putting up the remainder of the ghostly images it was capturing during its possession, but always at the bottom of this page. Here’s some more images at the top of the page, just to keep things looking fresh.





The recent possession of my digital camera by spirits, ghosts, the paranormal — whatever you want to call it — warrants a page all its own. Yesterday (Feb. 19, 2008) I dub the first official day of Camera Morte. From now until whenever my Camera Morte absorbs its final image, I shall post selected images and report any strange goings on related to the camera. All images in this section are as is (except for re-sizing and layout). The spirits inside the camera do the weird shit, not me and Photoshop.

scary kitty

C.M. goes in and out of possession. Last night, for instance, I got some eerie self-portraits.

some scary self portraits

Barack and Hillary


Later in the evening, however, when I was watching the ridiculous babble — oh, I’m sorry, the nightly news — obsess and over-analyze the Democratic standoff betwixt B.O. and H.C., I was able to take some photos off the TV without any paranormal filters. Maybe the ghosts are interested in the heated debate, too.




  1. Thank you for writing. It feels reassuring, affirming to know everyones life is like this – focused on doing with and for the family – amazed by kids turning into real people – and stunned at our acquiescence of the days zooming by with busyness instead of being deliberately observed,

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